Does this sound familiar? Seen from the outside everything seems to be easy.

Inside though you constantly undervalue your skills and abilities and are overwhelmed by the workload. You have the feeling that you have nothing under control anymore, that you are running in circles, and (inner) conflict dominates your daily life. Life lives you – and not the other way around.

I felt the same way – I had the feeling I had to live up to mountains of workload, which oftentimes I could only handle under lots of strain and stress. Taking a break seemed impossible, the joy of doing got left behind.

I belief in these years of continued learning, understanding and evolving. They gave me a very powerful dimension for my coaching skills because they showed me the following:

No matter how hard your journey was or may be. It is always possible to live a rich fulfilling life – a life that will make you radiate a warm-hearted lightness, your true power and inner zest for life.

It’s worth it!



2007/2008 – Supervision and Team Development, Systemic Coaching, Prof. Dr. Gela Neubeck-Fischer, Munich

2004/2005 – Train the Coach, Body-oriented Coaching, Drs. Boudewijn A.F. Vermeulen († 2014), Munich

Add-on Certifications


2013 – 2018 – Advanced training in “opening and expanding your channel/light pillar” (Australia), in multidimensional coaching (USA) and as a Human Design Specialist (USA)

1992 till today – Energy work including training, studies, practical work (Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Germany) and mentor training (Australia, 2015-2017)