Human Design –
The Guide to Your Life
by Astrid Lohnes  


Human Design is a unique and highly effective way to make your personal DNA transparent to you. It helps you to understand that you are just right exactly the way you are. You will realize that as part of creation you are a unique and wonderful being.

Human Design is based on a fusion of Eastern and Western astrology, Chinese I`Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system and quantum physics. Like no other, this method makes it possible to comprehend the essence of man in a truly multifaceted way.

I like to use Human Design in my coaching sessions as it can help you to better understand and accept yourself.

Your Human Design Diagram presents your unique energetic fingerprint. You were created with your own energy type and your own decision-making system.

Did you feel that you did everything “right” in your life and did not get the desired results?

What works for others may never work for you, because you are unique.

Are you ready to stop feeling frustrated, bitter and disappointed with life? Do you want to discover the meaning of your life and finally go through your life in full awareness of your wonderful nature?

In order to create your own individual Human Design diagram, I need: your date of birth, your birth time and your place of birth.


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Are you ready for more ease and joy in your life?
With my coaching offers and the Human Design analysis, I accompany you to this new attitude to life