Energy work –
finding wellbeing and ease with Astrid Lohnes  

Energy work is a wonderful way to finally let go of the heaviness that weighs on you and transform your life into lightness.
Energy healing is based on new insights in physics as well as ancient wisdom traditions. These state that all life is based on vibrations. .

“Nothing is at rest, everything is moving,
everything is in vibration.”
(from the Kybalion)

I like to use energy healing in my coaching sessions because it helps set the course for change inside you. You come back into contact with your own body and needs. It’s about meeting, feeling and experiencing one’s own self.

“It’s about meeting, feeling
and experiencing one’s own self.”

Energy Healing – How can it help you?

Energy healing is very diverse and can be applied in a variety of situations, phases, and problems. It can help with bothersome symptoms, pain, suffering, as well as recurring messages and behavioral patterns.

For example, I use energy healing in the following situations:

● overwork, constant stress and burnout
● relationship crises, separations and divorces
● interpersonal conflicts at work and in private life
● unclear symptoms and diseases
● fears and anxieties related to exams or public speaking and panic attacks
● general malaise, feelings of heaviness and hopelessness

We cleanse your energy flows, restoring them to a state of flow and harmony. Every burdensome energy we transform creates new space for more ease. Step by step, you will feel like yourself again, strengthen your self-confidence and walk your true life path.


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