Astrid Lohnes, your life coach…


Does this sound familiar: To everyone on the outside, you seem successful. And yet you have the feeling that something is missing?

I felt the same way when I was working in the business world. I only discovered this “something” that was lacking when I lived far away from all that was familiar – when I spent twelve years living in Asia.

From a very young age, I’ve had what I now call valuable life experiences: the loss of close relatives, encountering material well-being, the feeling of lack, getting to know all aspects of the business world, working and living in other countries, the ending of a decades-long relationship and stepping solo into a new chapter in life. All this and much more has helped me to see life and the world with new eyes and to open my heart to everything in it.

I believe in these years of continued learning, evolving and understanding. They gave me a very powerful dimension for my coaching skills, because they showed me the following:

No matter how hard your journey was or may be, it’s always possible to live a rich, fulfilling life – a life that will make you radiate a warm-hearted lightness.

Through working with me, you too can access your true inner zest for life. I call this “state” living lightly.

Would you like to invite this ease into your life?


It’s worth it!



My ‘philosophy of life’ living lightly is also reflected in my coaching approach. Here you will learn more about my coachings, trainings and workshops and how I can support you on your way to more ease.